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While Saint John has gorgeous beaches like Trunk, Cinnamon, and Maho, our coastlines are home to many beaches. Here is our list of the less traveled beaches in Saint John. Despite their relative accessibility, lengthy hikes, or limited accessibility by boat or kayak, these beaches are beyond postcard St John. Have fun and discover more about St John with this list.


On the North Shore, it's challenging to keep a beach a secret! With world-class beaches like Trunk and Cinnamon taking up most of the attention, these spots fly under the radar! So if you're seeking a quieter location, try one of these! You may not be alone, but you might be!

Mermaid's Chair Beach

Because it's impossible to reach via any other mode of transportation than a boat, Hawksnest Bay's east side is a popular snorkel/swim/kayak location. About 200 yards from the shore at Oppenheimer, you'll discover a tiny pocket beach on the east side. Despite being frequented by charter captains, this secluded St. John beach is rarely visited by anyone else. Mermaid's Chair Beach is a gem weighing about 25 feet wide. The beach is shaded in the first half of the day, and it is very narrow at high tide.

Little Hawksnest Beach

Hawk nest Bay is home to one of the most frequented beaches in the region. To get there, you must hike through the scrub to the left of the parking lot. It isn't well known by most tourists, as they rarely make it this far. Although the path isn't exceptionally straightforward, it's worth the effort. Choose a spot and enjoy! 

Little Maho Beach

It's in between Big Maho and Francis Bay Beaches on St. John's North Shore, and you can swim, snorkel, kayak, or hike down from the former Maho Bay Campgrounds. This little beach gets a lot of shade, but it's an accessible spot if you want a little less crowd at Maho or Francis Beaches.

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Europa Bay

Are you looking for a place off the beaten path and beautifully rugged but doesn't get crowded? If so, this "beach" might be for you. Before you visit, keep in mind that the cobble and coral shore is rough to hike and drive on, and the bay can be rough weather. Still with me? Then you can experience Europa. Have a picnic and some drinks, and enjoy the day. Snorkeling is best on the eastern shore.

Genti Bay

There is no denying that the water at Genti Bay is stunning. However, you must come here by water or walking the Reef Bay Trail. The water is a mixture of coral and seaweed, giving it a unique color. Please be careful when entering the water. 


Limetree Cove

Limetree Cove, which is found on St. John's East End, can be reached by kayak from Haulover South or Vie's Hansen Bay Beach. You may find several tiny coves here, but only one sandy beach is located in the center of the cove. Because the houses surrounding the cove are private, you must swim, snorkel, or kayak to this charming spot! Additionally, you may use the beach up to the high watermark (where the plant life begins) throughout the United States Virgin Islands.

Mennebeck Bay

Even though Mennebeck Bay isn't technically St John's East End, it can only be accessed via it. This rocky coast is protected by dangerous coral reefs and large waves west of Haulover North. If you want the most challenging adventure location, Mennebeck Bay would be near the top of the list. It does have a sandy beach, but it is only accessible by a narrow strip of sand! We do not recommend visiting this location because of the tremendous current, steep approach, and nearly impossible anchoring site!